Academic Council

The Academic Council  decides the academic policy of the Institute. It controls and approves the regulations, curriculum, courses, examinations and results. It appoints committees to look into specific academic matters arising from time to time. The teaching, training and research activities of various departments of the Institute are periodically reviewed to improve facilities and maintain standards.

S.No Name of Member Current Engagement Position Nominated by
1 Dr. Jandhyala N  Murthy Principal, GRIET, Hyderabad Chairman Ex  Officio
2 Dr. M. Surya Kalavathi Professor of EEE, JNTUH Member JNTUH
3 Dr A Damodaram Prof. of CSE,Director SCDE, JNTUH Member JNTUH
4 Dr D Srinivasa Rao Prof. of ECE, JNTUH College of Engg Member JNTUH
5 Prof M.B. Srinivas Professor and Dean, Administration,
BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus
Member GB
6 Sri Dundigalla. Krishna SMB Healthcare Verticle, Tata Consultancy Services LtdHyderabad Member GB
7 Mrs. Uma Ghurkha Technical Director Thermopads Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad Member GB
8 Mr.K.Umamaheswara Rao Director (Technical) Intergraph Ltd Secunderabad Member GB
9 Dr. J. Praveen Head of EEE Member Principal
10 Sri B.Ch.NookaRaju Head of ME Member Principal
11 Dr. T.C. Sarma Head of ECE Member Principal
12 Dr. K. Anuradha Head of CSE Member Principal
13 Dr. Y. Vijaya Latha Head of IT Member Principal
14 Dr. N. Sunil Kumar Head of BT Member Principal
15 Sri K. Satish Kumar Head of BME Member Principal
16 Dr. Mohd. Hussain Head of CE Member Principal
17 Dr. S. Ramamurthy Head of BS Member Principal
18 Dr. Y. Rama Krishna Prasad Head of MBA Member Principal
19 Dr. Sk. Altaf Hussain Basha Head of MCA Member Principal
20 Ms. T Padma Senior Faculty in Dept of BME Member Secretary Principal