To establish an effective Anti Ragging System in line with the directives of JUTU-H and AICTE, Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad has taken the following measures:

The discipline committee having reviewed the Anti Ragging policies of the Institution resolved that it requires to be implemented in toto, taking the instructions issued by the AICTE, UGC, University and state Government bodies. Our anti-ragging policy is enclosed for ready reference.

1. An anti ragging committee comprising the Principal, DEANS, HODs, Class Co-Ordinators and Student Representatives has been constituted.

2. The Principal, HODs and senior faculty addressed the seniors before the I years arrive, explaining to them the menace of ragging and the severity of the situation, the directives of the Supreme Court, the AICTE and JNTUH and punishment that will be metedto them in case found to be guilty of ragging. They also informed them that the burden of proof lies with the accused and not with the victim.


3.Supreme Court instructions, Ragging act and punishments from university to be displayed prominently in all notice boards, canteen and other meeting places. Postures discouraging ragging have also been displayed at all strategic points. Scrolling on anti-ragging on all screens continuously. Telephone numbers of anti-ragging committee to be displayed prominently.

4 An Anti Ragging Squad was also constituted with the members on vigil throughout the day from well before the college started upto late in the evening. In the first three months surprise visits by the members took place to check any untoward incidents.

5. Notifications have been released clearly mentioning that ragging is banned in the college.

6. The Prospectus contained information about the directives of the AICTE about the prohibition and consequences of ragging.

7. On admission every student was given printed information about to whom he has to turn for guidance for various purposes including Class Co-Ordinators, HODs and members of anti ragging committees along with their phone numbers.

8. Undertakings by student and parents have been taken an affidavit given by AICTE and UGC saying that they are aware of the laws of ragging. Anti-Ragging oath is also administered to the second year students.

9. As part of the orientation a counseling session shall be organized for the freshers and their parents on the first day of academic session expected to be in Sep 2013. Principal shall explain to them the measures of anti ragging taken by GRIET as per the recommendations of the JNTUH and AICTE.

10. A gap of two months was maintained between the class work of the fresher’s and the seniors.

11. The class work timings of the seniors and the juniors have been staggered so that the fresher’s and the seniors did not meet.


(i) Formation of anti-ragging squads from the date of joining of the first years for a period of 2 months. These squads will travel along with the first year students in buses to and from the college.

(ii) Visit to all potential trouble spots like the canteen, parking and bus stops on a surprise basis.




Anti Ragging Policy

(Adapted in 2005 and followed since)

Awareness, Avoidance, Action


I. Awareness:

Make the seniors aware of the ills of ragging and its consequences by way of posters, notices and counselling lectures by faculty class-in-charges, HODs/ principal/ director/ management representatives, undertaking by the students, parents etc.


II. Avoidance:

1) Enforcing measures to minimize contact between freshers and seniors, by staggered timings for students of different years.

2) Forming anti-ragging squads, and

3) By continuous surveillance at vulnerable locations for ragging such as toilets, terraces, canteen, outside bakeries, bus-stops etc.


III. Action:

Whenever a ragging case is reported, to take appropriate action through the discipline committee.





S.No Name Designation Address Phone No
1 Dr. Jandhyala N Murthy Principal H.No:1-9-290/7-3,Vidyanagar , Hyderabad – 44 9391184994
2 Dr. G.V.Ramana Dean Discipline Flat No. 7222, Janapriya Nilevalley, Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad – 50 9440207230
3 Sri. P.Venkateswarlu Circle Inspector            Dundigal 9490617219
4 Dr. J. Praveen Dean Student Affairs Flat – 101, Sai Raghava Residency, Avanthi Enclave, Madinaguda, Hyderabad -49 9440381885
5 Dr. K.Anuradha Professor & Dean, Academic Affairs Plot No. – 281/C, Addagutta Society, Opp. JNTUH, Kukatpally, Hyderabad – 72 9440619039
6 Sri. R. Srinivasa Raju Physical Director H.No:7, Aditya Garden, Bachupally, Kukatpally,       Hyderabad-72 9440084845


7 Sri. K S N Raju SAO Pl. No: 9, Hi-Rise Pride Colony, Nizampet Village, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-72 9949655559



Mr. P Avinash   13241A04G9


II B.Tech (ECE) Plot No:1/A, Sri Sai Hostal, Addagutta society, Opp. JNTUH,

9 Mr. A Sukesh Reddy    13241A0204


     II B Tech            (EEE) 8885675501
10 Mr. P. Srujan reddy 13241A0391 II B Tech (MECH) 9441984043
11 Mr. Hemanth Reddy 13241A0555 II B Tech (CSE) 9703614105
12 Mr. Sai Krishna 13241A1207 II B Tech (IT) Hno.202, JP Nagar,Miyapur,


13 Mr. P Pranay


II B Tech (BME) 11-1-441/442, Mylargadda, Secundrabad

14 Ms Shayza


II B Tech (CE) 8143681681
15 Ms. K Neha


II B Tech (BT) 9177676165
16 Mr. B Bala Murali Krishna



MCA B.Venkateswarlu

H-No-12-59, Kollipara

Guntur Dist, AP


17 Mr. B.Madhu 13241E0013


MBA 9177523729


GRIET Telephone 040-65864440 / 65864441

Ragging Helpline : 1-800-4251288.

For any difficulty kindly contact any of the above numbers.






GRIET/PRIN/12A/G/14-15                                                                                       21 Aug 2014



The following are the student members of anti ragging squads.

S.No Name of the student Roll No Department  

Cell Number

1 Mr.N. Srikanth Naik 13241A2318 BT 9640263545
2 Mr. S.Saivishal 13241A2322 BT 9440825045
3 Mr. M. Bhuvaneswar Reddy 13241A1107 BME 9676062690
4 Ms. RMB Shruthi 13241A1115 BME 9032563228
5 Mr. M Manmohan 13241A05E9 CSE 8374622962
6 Mr. J Ranjith Singh 13241A0581 CSE 9912271380
7 Mr. Nishanth.K 13241A1265 IT 7801014234
8 Ms. Rishika.V 13241A12A9 IT 8686022312
9 Mr. Akhil.R 13241A1292 IT 8686098972
10 Ms Manasa.G 13241A1244 IT 9581429661
11 Ms. A.Yamini 13241A0401 ECE 8121910150
12 Mr. K.S.S.Akhil Varma 13241A0450 ECE 9908664224
13 Ms. J Alekya 13241A0225 EEE 9299651346
14 Mr. K Bharat 13241A0231 EEE 8125479045
15 Ms. R keerthana 13241A0295 EEE 9490060827
16 Mr. B Lalu Prasad 13241A0261 EEE 9705379279
17 Md.Nayeemuddin 13241A0385 ME 9032326239
18 Mr. G.Gopi krishna 13241A0364 ME 9553770987
19 Mr. V.Vigneshwar 13241A03H1 ME 8686543683
20 Mr. Sakinalasridhar 13241A03E6 ME 8790917570
21 Ms. CH. Manisha 13241A0133 Civil Engg. 9154033613
22 Mr. G. Yaswanth 13241A0137 Civil Engg. 8187805083
23 Ms. M. Sirisha 13241A0169 Civil Engg. 7893490846
24 Mr. M. Bharadwaj 13241A0172 Civil Engg. 9652035351
25 Mr. Sai Teja 13241E0003 MBA 9949512975
26 Ms. Sravya 13241E0009 MBA 7842120519



Their main duties are

  1. To persuade their colleagues, especially those of II year from participating in ragging mainly by pointing out its dangerous consequences and
  2. To report any suspicious circumstances to the Physical Director/ Dean Discipline for necessary action.