Internal Quality Assurance Cell            


The primary aim of IQAC is   To Develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.



Member                                                          Name                                       Position
Member from Management                 Prof P.S.Raju                                         Director
Chairperson                                         Prof. Jandhyala.N.Murthy                        Principal
Coordinator IQAC                                Dr. D. Sailaja                                       Coordinator
Program coordinators                        Dr. K. Anuradha                                    HOD (CSE)
                                                              Dr. Y. Vijayalata                                 HOD (IT)
                                                            B. Ch. Nooka Raju                                 HOD (Mechanical)
                                                            Dr. Mohd. Hussain                                  HOD (Civil)
                                                            Dr. J. Praveen                                        HOD (EEE)
                                                            Dr T.C .Sarma                                        HOD (ECE)
Faculty                                             M. Bhargavi                                            CSE
                                                            Mr.Y.J Nagendra kumar                              IT
                                                            Mr.A.V .Sandeep kumar                           BME
                                                            Mr. K. Sunil Kumar                                 Mechanical
                                                            Mrs. V.N .RamaDevi                                  BS
                                                            Mrs. G. Surekha                                      ECE
                                                            V.S.S. Sudheer                                        Civil
Administrative Officers                      K.V.S.N.Raju                              Sr.Administrative Officer
                                                            P.Ayub Khan                              Administrative Officer
Nominee form local
Society/ students & alumni              1 K. Bhavana    (III yr. BT)                   Student Member
                                                          2 V. Sreekruthi  (III yr. EEE)                Student Member
                                                          3 K. Srinivas  (III yr. EEE)                    Student Member
Nominees from employers/              1 K Satish kumar                                Industrialist
Industries                                          2 Srikanth Thirumala settee          Industrial consultant

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