Patents Applied / Granted

S.No Name of the Faculty Title Patent Application Number/ Grant Number Patent filed/ Published date Status of the Patent
1 Dr. P.S.V. Kurma Rao Makeup water installment in steam surface condenser. 217591 11.04.2008 Awarded
2 Dr. P.S.V. Kurma Rao Turbulators for oil coolers. 217220 11.04.2008 Awarded
3 Dr. D. Sailaja Biomask (Design) 245463 21.05.2012 Awarded
4 Dr. D. Sailaja A plant derived nutrient medium for growing micro organisms and process for its preparation. 3075/CHE/2010 18.10.2010 Filed
5 Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh Development and Design Considerations in warm forming of extra deep drawing (EDD) Metal Sheet 3028/CHE/2011 02.09.2011 Filed
6 Dr. D. Sailaja Development of anti microbial extracts from leaves of a medicinal plant 2078/CHE/2011 03.02.2012 Filed
7 Dr. D. Sailaja Biomask 1214/CHE/2012 29.03.2012 Filed
8 Dr. D. Sailaja Skin Care Cream 4526/CHE/2012 30.10.2012 Filed
9 Dr. R. Subrahmanyam Improved Transformer with High Energy efficiency 2938/CHE/2012A 07.09.2012 Filed