Plantation Drive and visit to “Nirman”

On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, the management of GRIET, faculty and the students laid the foundation for a greener campus on 15th of August,’2014. A Plantation Drive was initiated and saplings were planted around the campus. Trees not just provide shelter but also add to the aesthetic value. Thus, students were encouraged to plant more trees. The enthusiasm displayed by the students while planting the saplings was palpable. This plantation is a wonderful addition to the already aesthetic campus.


The management, faculty and students also visited a children society at HMC Nirman Colony and donated paper plates, dispensable glasses and fruits to mentally handicapped students. The visiting team included Director Prof. PS Raju, Principal Dr. Jandhyala N Murthy, Mr. PVP Prasad, Ms. Padma, Ms.Lavanya and Ms.Revathi. Seeing the society’s children go about with their daily activities was an eye-opener for the students. The visit was covered by Telugu daily Sakshi. More visits and donations are being planned by the committee.