Spirals is a Literature Club at GRIET that commits to the over-all personality development of students in order to cope up with the ever changing corporate culture without losing the values and inculcates all the required skills to maintain an edge and a lead.




  • To enhance communication skills of the student by creating a stress-free environment through events which help the learning process to surpass the virtual boundaries set by the academics.
  • To nurture the hidden talent and promote the leadership skills in each and every student through the events planned and conducted.
  • To provide a first-hand experience and help the students build their Self – Confidence.


Unique Features


The members of the club will conduct few interactive sessions in a month with the I and II year students to emphasize more on the improving the basic skills like Listening, Writing, Speaking, Group Discussions and JAM sessions, Interview process and so on.


Action – Plan


The club conducts certain interactive sessions with the students which consist of teaching students about the nature of activities conducted through PPTs, regular classroom activities, exchange of information and ideas. The club organizers plan certain events under Spirals which creates a platform for the students to showcase their talents and skills. The club members would enclose their action plan to the Coordinator and the Principal before starting any event and seek their

valuable suggestions and proceed with the plan only after an approval .

The events are closely monitored and a report will be submitted to the Principal at the end of the event.


Executive Committee


It is proposed to have an executive committee which deals with the entire Planning, Organizing, Directing and executing functions of all the events that are in view. The executive members of the club would seek required advices from the Coordinator to plan the events and shall get the permission from the Principal in order to proceed with the same.


Executive Committee during 2014-2015


Coordinator: Ms V.N.Rama Devi (Asst.Prof, Dept of Basic Sciences)


Faculty Members:

  1. Ms R.L.Kanthi (Asst.Prof,Dept of Basic Sciences)
  2. Ms P.Sujeetha Rao (Asst.Prof,Dept of Basic Sciences)
  3. Mr M.Aravind Kumar (Asst.Prof,Dept of Basic Sciences)


Student Members:

S.No Name


Branch & year


Roll No.


1 Ms. Saahithi .Y EEE-IV year 11241A0260


2 Mr. Subrahmanya Sarma.S EEE-IV year 11241A0255


3 Mr. Akhil .Ch EEE-IV year 11241A0232


4 Mr. Sai Mullapudi EEE-IV year 11241A0272
5 Mr. Sai Santosh. Y CE- IV year 11241A01C0
6 Ms. Sruthi Guduru IT-III year 12241A1215
7 Mr. Varun.M IT-IV year 11241A1293
8 Ms. Lakshmi Niharika.G EEE-IV year 11241A0214


9 Ms. Radha. D


BT-IV year 11241A2312


10 Mr. Venkata Sai Charan.S


CSE-IV year 11241A0553



Activities of the Spirals – Club

The club successfully conducted the following events from the starting of the current academic year to till date:

  • Mock – Interview.
  • Swachh – Bharath.
  • English – Vinglish.

Spirals Literary Club – Annual Report for Academic Year 2014-15