Sports and Games are an exciting and essential components for over all development, has created an elaborate infrastructure for them. An open-air gallery with a seating capacity of over 2000 spectators has been constructed as a student recreation center. This stadium lies prominently in the center of institution. It houses a spacious indoor stadium and a canteen under its very structure. This multi-purpose facility has been named Student Recreational Centre (SRC). The Annual Day of GRIET is celebrated on 26th January of every year in this SRC. All these physical activities are expected to promote feelings of unity, oneness, integration, team-spirit and sportsmanship. The students are encouraged to participate in inter-collegiate and inter-university competetions. Every year, intra-mural competetions and annual sports are conducted on the campus and the winners are awarded prizes and certificates. The college has a well developed Basket Ball court, and several volley ball courts and Throw Ball courts and an internal Table Tennis Stadium. Under the guidance of Sri.R.Srinivasa Raju, M.PEd, the Physical Education Trainer of the college, the college teams participate in various competetions and stands in a prestegious position. The college has strong Table Tennis players and a very strong volley ball and cricket team. The basket ball team has participated many inter-university competetions and won several prizes.